Case Results

Recent Case Results

We’re proud to announce a recent successful verdict at trial for attorney Lisa Poch!

The firm was offered $30,000 for a client pre-trial for a client that was injured and had back and neck injuries, but no surgeries. The client had treated consistently for over 5 years, but continued to have pain. This accident occurred on the NYS Thruway with another passenger vehicle. The other driver was unable to describe whereabouts for a period of 4 hours before the accident and after trial, Chiacchia and Fleming recovered $325,000 on behalf of the client, over ten times the amount that was originally offered as settlement. Chiacchia and Fleming was able to get JUST RESULTS for this client and the client and the firm could not be happier with the outcome.

Bridge worker recovers $1.8 Million after a fall.

Western New York native awarded $1.1 million after injuring his hands and feet in a motor vehicle collision.

Injured Buffalo area delivery man settles for $1.2 million after injuring his back due to the unsafe conditions on a job site.

Injured Buffalo construction worker settles for $1.2 million after injuring his neck falling from an unsecured ladder.

Western New York native awarded $1.1 million after injuring his hands and feet in a motor vehicle collision.

Landscaper recovers $750,000 after a motor vehicle collision.

Buffalo area saleswoman recovers $709,000 after injuring her neck in a motor vehicle collision.

Office assistant awarded $600,000 for serious arm and leg injuries following a car crash.

Injured Buffalo area elementary school teacher recovers over half million dollars for injuries sustained when tractor trailer struck her vehicle.

Painter awarded $350,000 for hip injury following car accident.

Maintenance worker awarded $250,000 after slip and fall on icy parking lot.

Paramedic awarded $250,000 after rear end accident.

Nursing student awarded $248,000 after a hit and run by a drunk driver.

Nurse awarded $240,000 after a slip and fall in an icy parking lot.

Laborer awarded $225,000 after car crash.

Laborer awarded $200,000 after altercation.

Buffalo woman awarded $4.5 million for child abuse from the White Rock Missionary Baptist Church.