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Unfortunately, innocent people suffer from dog bite injuries. Many of these people suffer serious injures, and some are even killed by these animal attacks. Annually, there are more than 850,000 dog bites requiring medical attention and over 4 million dog bite injuries ranging from minor injuries to serious injury. If you have been bitten by a dog or any animal, seek medical attention, and ask the owner for their and their pets’ information, then contact Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP. We will fight to get you the full compensation you deserve.

In the United States alone, approximately 100 children are bitten by dogs every day, and approximately 92 of these children will need medical attention. While dog bite fatalities are rare, statistically 15 to 20 people are killed in vicious dog attacks every year.

Hamburg Dog Bite Lawyers

Most dog bites are to the face, causing infection, trauma and scarring. Frequently, surgical repair is needed, and eyesight or hearing is sometimes damaged permanently.

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If you were injured or a family member was injured or killed by any animal, you can sue the person who has, or should have had, control over the animal. A dog owner is required to control/restrain his or her animal in order to ensure public safety. The dog owner may be held responsible if you are on public property or if you are legally on private property.

Dog owners may be held accountable for injuries sustained by their animals if the animal was not properly secured on their premises, (under premises law) on a leash, or if the owner knew that the animal was prone to violence.

If you have serious injuries as the result of a dog bite, please contact our experienced Hamburg dog bite lawyers today. We offer a free case evaluation and would be happy to go over the details of your case and explain your rights.