Wrongful Death Truck Accident

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Do I have a claim if I lost a loved one in a truck accident?


Sometimes with truck accidents, they can be very severe, severe enough where someone loses their life. When that happens, that’s the ultimate catastrophic event and there are a lot of steps that have to be taken when there’s a death involved. We do our usual investigation of the claim, but because it’s a wrongful death action there are certain things that have to be filed in other courts. For example, in Erie County you have to start opening an estate of the person who was deceased and make sure that their beneficiaries are compensated in the end.
Wrongful Death Truck Accident
With a wrongful death claim, we’re trying to determine full value, and many times in a wrongful death case, you may have dependents. Say a gentleman is in his 40s unfortunately loses his life. He has young children. He has a spouse, a home to support, kids to put through school. That future loss of income stream to support that is a big part of that person’s damages, and we have to make sure that we get the proper experts in place to make sure that the jury and the insurance carriers know what the full extent of those damages are.

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