Workplace Injuries

Understanding Personal Injuries in the Workplace

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Check out the following educational legal video about workplace injuries by Andrew P. Fleming, an experienced injury lawyer in Hamburg, NY.

We take personal injury in the workplace very seriously here at our shop. Why do we do that? Lately, just as if you were going to K-Mart or 7-Eleven, you see many large law firms chasing down personal injury actions. It’s a little different here. There are four lawyers, and we don’t have a bazillion claims. That means you’re not going to get lost. Many times, we take what happens to you quite personally. We do all sorts of other kinds of litigation, but we know that the personal injury and employment litigation that we do involves people who’ve gotten hurt – not just physically but mentally as well – resulting in injuries to their very soul because of the ways their lives have been permanently altered.

We consider personal injury an area of the law that we – from a personal standpoint – handle as well as anyone in Western New York. Pain goes far beyond a broken ankle. Real pain is the way that broken ankle affects your ability to play with your kids and the way it hampers your independence. Personal injury is a little different in our shop because we empathize with all those small day-to-day things that happen to somebody. Dan Chiacchia and I – along with Tiffany and Lisa – all understand that, and we understand what it takes to reach for the best way to accomplish the mission for you.

Some firms hold certain information back and don’t let their clients know when significant offers have been made. We’re not like that. We help you make decisions. We realize that we’re not the ultimate decision makers; it’s your call. You’re the quarterback. We’re just the linemen.

Did you suffer workplace injuries and have questions about what to do next? Contact Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP for a free consultation. Our experienced injury lawyers in Hamburg, NY know how the insurance companies operate and treat your case and your injuries seriously. We will do everything in our power to bring you relief and compensation for your injuries. Contact us today and let our experience work for you.

Download Our Free Personal Injury Guide

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