When To Hire A Workers Compensation Attorney

Learn Whether You Should Hire A Workers’ Compensation Attorney or Handle Your Own Case

Watch the following educational legal video about whether or not you need a workers’ comp attorney after an injury at work by Andrew P. Fleming, one of our experienced construction accident lawyers in Buffalo NY.

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A workers’ compensation lawyer is not necessary in certain situations. If you have lost a finger or shattered your back in an accident, you probably need a workers’ compensation lawyer. If you have a more serious injury, you will need a lawyer to make sure that your rights are protected. However, if you have sustained a simple, routine injury that will keep you out of work for a couple of weeks, the workers’ compensation wages will kick in automatically, and you will not require a lawyer. You will merely receive some workers’ compensation wages through your carrier and place of employment.

Did you suffer an injury at work and are unsure if you need an attorney? Contact the experienced construction accident lawyers in Buffalo NY at Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP for a free consultation to learn when to hire a workers compensation attorney. We treat your case and your injuries seriously and do everything in our power to bring you relief.

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