Statute Of Limitations For A Sexual Abuse Claim

Under the New York Child Victims Act, the statute of limitations for a sexual abuse claim has been raised. Learn more information in this video.


How long do I have to bring a claim forward?


Under the New York Child Victims Act, they’ve raised the age in which you can bring a claim for personal injury. A sex abuse claim is like a personal injury claim. It used to be that you only had three years beyond your 18th birthday to bring a claim.

They’ve expanded that to age 55. You have all the way until age 55 to bring a claim, even if it happened 10 years ago. You can wait if you wanted to, but we tell people not to wait because evidence gets stale. We want to be able to investigate these cases as quickly as possible, and there’s nothing worse than investigating a case and finding out that a key witness is no longer with us, and we can’t get that testimony. The quicker that we can get the case in our hands, the better off we are as far as doing a thorough investigation before filing the claim.

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