Slip And Fall Settlement Timeline

A slip and fall case can be confusing and complicated to handle on your own. Watch this video about the slip and fall settlement timeline to learn how long your case will take

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How long will my slip and fall case take to settle?


Slip and Fall cases can take anywhere from six months to six years to resolve. Sometimes they take longer because of how much the other side fights. Sometimes we may have three or four people that we’re trying to hold responsible for a slip and fall accident, and then you have these other defendants filing motions, either against you or each other, to try to get out of a case.

Slip and Fall Settlement Timeline

When that happens, you get the courts involved. When the court is involved, they have to make decisions, and those decision can be appealed. If they’re appealed, it could take a year to a year and a half for a case to be appealed. That’s why you see sometimes that these cases take multiple years. That’s why we like to get involved early, putting in our minds that, yeah, there could be some appeals in this case so we better get it going early, so our client isn’t waiting extended periods of time to get their full recovery.

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