Slip And Fall On A Residential Property

In this educational video by experienced Hamburg slip and fall lawyer Lisa A. Poch, she discusses what to do if you are injured due to a slip and fall on a residential property in New York.

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I’m often asked by clients, “What’s important to know if I’m injured?” or “What if I slip and fall on another person’s property?” First, be sure to gather any evidence you can, and do it sooner rather than later. Witnesses forget. Evidence is lost. The contributing condition may be repaired or replaced. Taking pictures, making sure that you get witness statements, and collecting evidence are all very important. Reach out to counsel sooner rather than later too, so that they can immediately begin their efforts toward gathering that all-important evidence for you. Especially in a slip and fall case, that evidence gathering can make or break your case.

Have you suffered a serious injury due to a slip and fall on a residential property? You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact the experienced Hamburg slip and fall lawyers at Chiacchia & Fleming LLP for help. We are aggressive and determined when it comes to making our clients whole. Let our experience work for you.

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