Run Off The Road Motorcycle Accident

Injured on a motorcycle because another driver ran you off the road? Watch this video to learn about your rights if you’re involved in a run off the road motorcycle accident.


Do I have a claim if I was run off the road on a motorcycle?


Many times, drivers of motorcycles are forced off the road by other vehicles – because maybe that other vehicle didn’t see them – and they’re injured. The question becomes, can you recover in that situation? If there was no contact between the vehicle and your motorcycle, and that vehicle takes off and leaves the scene and we never find out who it was, you may be out of luck because there are provisions in the New York State Law that says unless there’s contact between a vehicle and the motorcycle – and we don’t know the identity of that vehicle that may have ran you off the road – then you’re going to be in trouble.

It’s important to try to at least get some identification of that vehicle. If that does happen to you, maybe there’s some video in the area. Many people have their own home security systems that have video and show the road, and it might be the difference between finding a car and not finding a car. Many times, there isn’t contact with the motorcycle, but the motorcycle has to take evasive action and ends up in a ditch, seriously injured. We want to make sure that we can find that vehicle – especially if there’s no contact – to make sure that you’re compensated.

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