Personal Injury Medical Expenses

Is There A Minimum Amount Of Personal Injury Medical Expenses Needed To File A Claim?

Check out the following educational legal video by Hamburg injury attorney Tiffany M. Kopacz, to learn about personal injury medical expenses, and if there are a minimum amount of medical bills or injuries needed to file a claim.

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There is no minimum number of medical bills that must be paid before a claim can be made and considered viable. With rare exceptions, the majority of the potential claims that could be made for personal injuries do not require that a certain number of medical bills be paid. However, it is required to show damages before a recovery can be obtained. Co-pays and related expenses can be used as evidence of additional damages, and an attorney can ask that those be recovered. If a client has health care that is high-quality or has been paid for by some third party, he or she is not required to show that there were any minimum out-of-pocket damages for that medical care before bringing a claim.

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