Motorcycle Passenger Injury Claims

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Do I have a claim if I was injured as a passenger in a motorcycle accident?


Passengers of motorcycles have just as much rights as anybody else to recover for their injuries. In those situations, you may have two insurance policies to go after. Say it’s a motorcycle/car accident. If the car did something wrong, you may be able to find some coverage for your pain and suffering and other damages through that car insurance policy. You could also go after that insurance on that motorcycle if we can show that the motorcycle driver also did something wrong in causing the accident. As a passenger on a motorcycle, you might be in a better position than the rider as far as getting full compensation of your injuries, because there’s a couple different policies that we can go after.

As with the driver of a motorcycle, the passenger has the same kind of obligations that we would like to see as an attorney, and that’s getting somebody involved right away. Get an investigation going, find your witnesses, and get recorded statements. If we were representing a passenger on a motorcycle we’d want to get a recorded statement from that driver of that motorcycle immediately, and get recorded statements from the drivers of the cars and anybody else that may have saw things, so we can preserve your claim.

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