Motorcycle Accident Without A Helmet

Learn About Filing An Injury Claim If You Were Involved In A Motorcycle Accident Without A Helmet

Check out this educational video by Lisa A. Poch, an experienced Hamburg injury attorney about what to do if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident without a helmet.

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Clients sometimes ask whether they can still proceed with a motorcycle claim if they weren’t wearing their helmet. Although we always encourage our clients to wear helmets for their own protection and safety, it is still possible to bring a claim in situations where you’re injured on a motorcycle while you weren’t wearing your helmet.

Depending on the nature or extent of your injuries, and which body parts were injured, your damages may not be affected by whether or not you were wearing a helmet at the time. You shouldn’t limit yourself by deciding against bringing an action because you weren’t wearing a helmet. Instead, reach out to a lawyer, have them investigate, order your medical records, and get the facts of your case. Then, you can see whether failure to wear a helmet really makes a difference. Of course, we always encourage everyone to be safe on the roads and wear their helmets.

Were you injured in a motorcycle accident without a helmet? You can still recover compensation for your injuries. Contact the dedicated Hamburg injury lawyers at Chiacchia & Fleming for a free consultation. Our trial team is aggressive and determined when it comes to making our clients whole.

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