Mistakes To Avoid After A Car Accident

Were you injured in a buffalo car accident? Learn about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident so you can have a successful claim.

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What mistakes should I avoid after an accident to protect my claim?


Some of the most detrimental mistakes we see people make after they’ve been seriously injured in an auto accident is not getting consistent treatment for their injuries. We’ve seen it over and over again where people will go to a doctor and say, “I’m fine,” or they’re continuing to have problems and they don’t follow up. When you don’t follow up and you don’t follow doctor’s orders, it could ruin your claim. Insurance carriers look at what you did to get better. If two years down the road you say, “Well, I have this disability in my shoulder,” and they find out that you were recommended to do physical therapy to help improve the function of that shoulder and you didn’t do that, that’s going to be a strike against you and may affect your ability to recover the full value of your injury.

Another big mistake is not getting attorneys involved right away. Investigation of claims is one of the most important things to do. We jump on cases right away, get investigators involved, get out to the scene, and take pictures. If you wait six months until after the accident, you’re not going to get that evidence. If there were witnesses to the accident and we can’t find them because the evidence trail has become stale, that’s going to hurt you. People’s memories fade. Even if we have a name of a witness, that witness’ account of the accident is going to be much more accurate the week after the accident than it is six months after the accident. There’s a big incentive to get involved early and get witness statements early.

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