How Warning Signs Impact Slip And Fall Claims

If there was a warning sign present at the time of your accident, you may still be entitled to compensation. In this video, learn how warning signs impact slip and fall claims.


Can I file a claim if there was a warning sign present?

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A warning sign can definitely affect your slip and fall claim because it’s putting you on notice that there’s a dangerous condition and that you should be more careful. If you’re going into a department store and you see “wet floor” signs, and you decide, well, I’m just going to run in the store, knowing you see those signs, then you weren’t careful. That could definitely affect your ability to recover. It also comes into play where you may see these in stores where they have uneven pavement coming in and out of a store or some businesses. Because of their old structures they’re not quite surface level, and they may have “Beware of Step Down,” – things of that nature.

When you see those types of signs, you have an obligation, as a pedestrian, to obey them and watch where you’re going. Those things can be used against you, so if you see those warning signs you have to, of course, be careful of what you’re doing, but sometimes even the warning signs aren’t good enough. Sometimes floors are just so slippery and wet, and you’re being as careful as you possibly can and you still go down. Then, the owner of the property is on the hook.

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