How Our Attorneys Can Help

At Chiacchia & Fleming, we handle each child sex abuse case with the attention to detail it deserves. Watch this video to learn how our attorneys can help.

We’ve been handling child abuse claims in this office for several years. However, because of the change in the law, the number of people seeking to file claims has increased dramatically. Our first goal, when we get these cases, is to try to interview the client and talk to them about how the sex abuse claim has affected them.

One of the important parts of dealing with these clients – because some of them are scarred forever from what happened to them – is we want to make sure that they’re okay. We have counselors and psychologists that we refer clients to that we think are in need of help, and we suggest that they do that. We don’t like to file claims on clients’ behalf if there’s a chance that they don’t think they can handle it. Litigation is not easy. You have to subject yourself to questioning and relive that entire event, so we want to make sure that our clients are strong enough to do that.

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