Car Accident Settlement Timeline

How long will it take for you to be compensated for your Buffalo car accident? Watch this video to find out about the typical car accident settlement timeline.

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How long will my car accident case take?


Auto accident cases can be resolved sometimes fairly quickly. Although sometimes they go on for quite a few years. Some of our cases are resolved within the first twelve months, sometimes they take three or four years depending on the severity of the case and how much the other side fights. Car accident cases are a little different because you have to prove you sustained a “serious physical injury” as defined under the insurance law.

Many times, we get in disputes about whether someone indeed has a serious injury. Sometimes those involve motion practice – where you’re asking the court to predetermine whether someone had a serious injury – and sometimes those cases get appealed. When you appeal a case, it has to go to a higher court. People write briefs and they go for argument, and those things can take years, unfortunately.

When we get a case, we try to streamline cases because we know there could be bumps in the road and hiccups down the way. We want to make sure that we get things going as quickly as possible so if there is an appeal or something like that, we’re not looking five or six years down the road. In some cases, maybe it’s only two or three years.

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