Car Accident Claim Value

Were you injured in a car accident? Want to know how much your case is worth? Watch this video to learn how car accident claim value is determined.

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How much is my car accident case worth?


Determining the value of an auto injury case is a case-by-case analysis. Many factors go into it including the severity of injury. There are some injuries that you can’t even think of what the value would be; losing a limb, losing your eyesight, and things of that nature. Then you have other types of injuries that may involve fractures with some disability or back and neck injuries. How do you determine that disability, and how do you determine the value of that case? We do a few different things. We send people, at times, to vocational rehabilitation experts to see what type of work they can continue to do. We send people for other evaluations to determine what their medical needs will be.

All of those factors play into whether someone can continue to work or not. Are they able to continue with their normal daily activities? There are some people out there that are very active; people that are exercising on a regular basis, maybe even be involved in amateur athletics to some extent. If they can’t do that, the case, that particular injury, may have a lot more value to them than it would be to somebody else who has a more sedentary lifestyle, who isn’t as active.

There are a lot of different factors that go into play. To give someone an exact number on a case early on, I think, is improper because you really have to wait to see how the injury affects someone overall before you make an assessment of full value.

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