Boat Accident Settlement Timeline

Injured on a boat and want to know when the case will be over? Watch this video to find out about the boat accident settlement timeline. Free consultations.


How long will my boat accident claim take to settle?


When you’ve been injured in a boat accident, we like to do our investigation as soon as possible because we want to speed the process along. If there are multiple boats involved in an accident, there may be a question about who did something wrong. If that happens, sometimes these cases end up going up on appeal, which means that a higher court has to hear certain issues. If that happens, an appeal itself could take a year to a year and a half to get heard and decided.

That’s why we like to get involved early and get the case moving, because we’d like to, of course, resolve our cases as quickly as we can, hopefully within 12 months, but sometimes the injuries are so severe that you want to make sure you have a good idea about where the client’s going to be in the future regarding their medical treatment. You don’t want to rush to judgment and settle something without knowing whether or not the client has had the full amount of treatment and full diagnoses they needs to make sure that they get full compensation in the future.

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