Beware Of Dog Sign Liability

Did you get bitten by someone’s dog when you went on their property? Were you attacked by a dog when you went on a neighbor’s property? Watch this video to learn about dog sign liability to see how you could file a claim for negligence.

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Does a beware of dog sign hurt my claim?


Owners of dogs also have a duty to warn people that are coming on their property if they have a dog that has some vicious propensities. Sometimes you see these “Beware of Dog” signs, and it could affect your case to some extent because you’re on notice that dog may be a little violent or vicious, so you should exercise more caution yourself. That can be used against you. There’s a thing in the law called comparative fault, where it’s not only the negligence of the person who has the dog, but the negligence of the person that was bit. We see it sometimes with younger kids when they do things to aggravate the dog or get the dog to respond in a vicious nature toward them. That’s used against you.

The same thing with the “Beware of Dog” sign: you have some knowledge that something’s up with this dog, so you have to exercise more care around the dog and maybe not even enter the property. If you’re a delivery person or somebody like that, you’re on notice; maybe you need to get another way to communicate with the owner of the house to deliver what you have to deliver but not enter the property.

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