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Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP: 5 out of 5 based on 50 user reviews.

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Commercial Law

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Highly recommend. Communication was excellent. Nice. Professional. Thank you for helping me and my family.

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Family Law

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Great staff! Always friendly. Will get a call back same day. Highly recommended firm!

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Andy represented me a few years back (before I knew about AVVO). He is a doggedly determined lawyer who will fight for truth and justice. In depositions he is the not the man you want to be on the wrong side of! My case was long and complex, Andy was a friend on the journey and his support staff were amazing too. We were Samson, they were Goliath. We were honest, the Respondents couldn’t tell the truth. We won, enough said! God Bless You Andy and thank you!

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Entire staff was professional, approachable and answered all my questions and concerns in a timely and efficient manner. Dan was always available to answer any questions and kept me current as my case moved forward via text, phone calls and emails. He worked very hard to get me a very fair settlement in a difficult case, constantly reassuring me he always had my back. I had total trust and confidence in him and his legal team. I would absolutely recommend this legal firm.

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Dan and Lisa did nothing but the best for me. I can’t thank them enough. I highly recommend this firm.

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Amazing caring attorneys! Highly recommended. A++++

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This firm was referred to me by a family member. My first meeting with Mr. Chiacchia was I would be working with a true professional, someone concerned with my personal injury. Their staff was polite, informative & always available to answer my many questions. I highly recommend them.

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Civil Citation Mr. Fleming has always displayed excellent legal abilities and demeanor.

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Lisa Poch is a excellent attorney if anyone is looking for one.

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Best firm I ever met with great personal attention. They represent you like family standing in your corner fighting for your interests. Recommend if you need legal services, make an appointment and see Mr. Fleming.

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Mr. Fleming, “Andy”, has given me a sense of security and safety since our first meeting. I am currently filing an age discrimination complaint with the EEOC against my employer. The troubles began in September 2006 and I am still employed and I think that it is because of Andy’s intervention that I still have my job as a Registered Nurse. Andy was referred to us by our personal attorneys and by my sister-in-law, an attorney in Washington, DC, as the best labor lawyer in Western New York. Andy is an extremely knowledgeable, down to earth person with a sense of humor. Our meetings are as relaxed as can be under the circumstances. If you have trouble with your employer or at your job, I highly recommend you call Andy.

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The best around, always quick to answer a question and definitely know their business! Highly recommended!

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Employment Civil Rights

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Lisa Poch is an admirable professional that provides advice and expertise focused on doing the right thing. I have used Lisa in both an advisory and a hired capacity. She has a high degree of professionalism, perseverance, and attentiveness that excels when you need it the most. She provided sound legal business advice, as well as, legal representation. I would highly recommend Lisa to be on your list of legal expertise and representation you need to count on.

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We worked with Lisa Poch at Chiacchia and Fleming and had a great experience. She was very knowledgeable, efficient, and on time to her commitments. She was fully professional, I would recommend her and the team again.

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I have used them before. Nothing but excellent, friendly service.

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I hired Lisa Poch to assist me with a Labor Relations case. She was recommended to me by a friend who had her as their personal injury attorney. Lisa was extremely focused on my case and worked very hard to make sure that justice was served! She is extremely intelligent and qualified, and if something happens in the future going back to her will be a no-brainier! Thank you Lisa!!!

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Trustworthy representation for your benefit.

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Dan Chiacchia and his team are amazing!!! The best decision I’ve ever made in my life was putting my fate in their hands. Knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I will back this team up 110%

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Lisa has represented me on a couple legal matters and I have continually been impressed not only by her knowledge and professionalism, but also with her caring manner. I have always felt well informed and supported with Lisa as my attorney. I would highly recommend Lisa.

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From beginning till end and there after they are awesome. They keep you updated case details on regular basis and go above and beyond to make sure that you get what you need. I recommend this firm to anyone looking for representation. Thank you guys for everything that you’ve done for me.

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Hi, I am very happy with both the service I received and the professionalism that was provided to me from Chiacchia & Fleming. Lisa Poch was the lawyer that worked with me, and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. If you are looking for an outstanding law firm in the Southtowns, look no further than here!

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Between legal assistance for my mother and siblings upon the death of my father and unfortunate legal issues defending my son, I can only rate this firm as 5 star, not only the detail and knowledge, their class is second to none!

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Absolutely the best!!!

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They are a very knowledgeable law firm. Highly qualified and very personable and client orientated. I have always gotten great advise and direction in all aspects of the law. I would and have recommended this law firm to several of my associates.

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Me. Chiachia is the best around.. extremely knowledgeable and attentive, always answers any questions you have and is willing to go the extra mile. Chiachia and Fleming is definitely the law firm you should seek for any of your needs.

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Dan and his team did a wonderful job any questions that I had were all answered.The case was won because of the hard work Dan put into it, he did not leave one single stone unturned until he got the best result

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Very professional. Highly recommended. Knows all the in’s and out’s. Caring and compassionate. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

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5 years ago I had horrible vehicle accident. I never had accident and didn’t know who to call. I called the big tv lawyers your read and see everyday and I was appalled to find out I was turned down by Mattar and Celino and Barns. They said I wasn’t hurt enough to take my case . My family lawyer referred me to Dan Chiacchia. I came in and met Dan for interview or meeting of reenactment of my accident. He was Upfront with my situation with all the pros and cons in a suit with each injury different. Dan put me as ease with many of my scary, yet painful, situations that I had to go through. He was very compassionate and understanding with my injury. During my law suit he explained what possibility was going to happen, we rehearsed thousands of questions made sure answered them in best of manner. Dan very explicit that I tell truth and not hide anything even decades past. Learned a lot from my horrible painful injury accident. Their firm kept in touch wth me several times a week see how I was doing and if they could answer any questions I had . Dan even took time make courtesy phone calls to see how I was feeling . He made me feel like one his own children. I strongly encourage and highly recommend a consult with their firm.

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Dan Chiacchia and Andrew Fleming are two of the best attorneys to deal with ! My family or I have utilized their services – they are the very first phone call made ! They are honest, direct, concerned professionals who will always have your best interests in the forefront. Their professional reputation in the courts is apparent, and you are kept informed with every step. Be assured, you are in the best of hands with Mr Chiacchia and Mr Fleming. Don’t hesitate to even call with questions – you won’t be sorry !

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Great service. Friendly and compassion for what we were going through. Treated us like family

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Outstanding in every way convenient on South Park proximately a half a mile from Southwestern Boulevard on the right hand side. I would suggest you see Andy Fleming he has been my family attorney 4 over 40 years and has Danny cha cha working with him also and a couple other attorneys also paralegals secretaries Etc parking is easy and you rarely have to wait long to see whoever you have an appointment with I very highly recommend this business the sign in front says Cha-Cha and Fleming. It originally started out as just Andy Fleming but he is a very down-to-earth man and an outstanding attorney so he doesn’t care that his name is now second on the sign can’t recommend and the enough and the firm in general

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Labor and Employment

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My experience with the Chiacchia and Fleming law firm has been a positive one. I have recommended them on numerous occasions. Dan and his staff are professional, reliable and more than competent advocates for your personal injury needs. IWe were devastated when my six year old daughter was mauled by a neighbors dog and the following year when our 10-year-old son fell through plate glass, almost losing both hands. Dan’s concern for my children and their future was that if they were his own children. Dan and his staff were diligent in their research and in explaining the long legal road we had a head of us in layman’s terms. The team at Chiacchia and Fleming are compassionate, thorough and solid group of people.

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I have been doing business with Chiacchia and Fleming for over 15 yrs.Mr.Chiacchia has been wonderful to myself and family.Dan is quick to respond to any question I have or advice I need. The group at Chiacchia and Fleming has helped my Children and I in several different areas of law. Very professional staff, always 100 % satisfaction, glad to have them on my side

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