Slow down to stay safe on New York roads

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Auto Accidents

This summer, many of you may be heading out on road trips, spending more time with friends or just enjoying the freedom of the open road. After all, summer is a time to relax and have fun. Unfortunately, your summer – and so much more – can be devastated if you get into a high-speed crash.

Why higher speeds are dangerous

Collisions at any speed can cause injuries to victims. However, as speed increases, the severity of damage in a crash increases, as well. 

Further, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains, speeding means:

  • Increased stopping distances
  • Greater risk of losing control of a vehicle
  • Less reaction time
  • Increased risk of fatality

And the damage is even more pronounced when the vehicle speeding crashes into a smaller vehicle or obstacle, like a motorcycle or pedestrian.

How big of a problem is speeding?

There will always be drivers speeding on the roads, no matter the speed limits or how many other drivers are around them. And sadly, speeding is a contributing factor in nearly one-third of all traffic fatalities

It is also crucial to note that driving over the speed limit is not the only way people speed. When road conditions are slippery, or visibility is low, posted speed limits can still be too high. Traffic congestion can also demand slower driving.

Protecting yourself against speeding drivers

If you find yourself sharing the road with a speeding driver, do not engage or get in their way, as this could only make the speeding driver angry or aggressive. 

Instead, get out of their way if you can do so safely. 

You can also be sure you are driving at safe speeds, whether this means at the speed limit or slower due to road conditions. If a speeding driver is making your trip unsafe, you could report the car and driver to the police.

Sadly, catastrophic car crashes can and do still happen. Determining whether a driver was speeding at the time of an accident is crucial in assessing liability so that the reckless party can be held accountable.


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