Are distracted drivers even more dangerous for motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

During the long New York winter, you may have dreamed of summer days when you could get your motorcycle out. Now that summer has hit, it is a matter of how many times you can get on your bike and enjoy the open road.

Riding a motorcycle also comes with risks. Since motorcycles are more compact, your bike can easily fit into a vehicle’s blind spot. When the driver becomes distracted, it can create a more significant hazard for you and other motorcyclists on the road.

Here are a few reasons that distracted driving creates a considerable risk for people on motorcycles.

Prioritizing attention

Regardless of the type of car, drivers often need to divide their attention between several different actions and activities. In addition to the road ahead, drivers constantly are trying to pay attention to instructions from navigation software.

Unfortunately, a driver’s blindspot can quickly become occupied in the time it takes to hear navigation instructions and look for the corresponding roadway. When you and your motorcycle are in the blind spot of a driver trying to navigate an unfamiliar area, it could lead to an accident.

Less protection, more risk

Part of what makes riding motorcycles exciting is also what makes it more dangerous. While you may have a helmet and other gear to help you stay safe, cars and trucks have large amounts of metal and plastic protecting them during a motorcycle crash.

Keeping yourself safe

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. As a motorcyclist, you can take steps to ensure you arrive at your destination safely, such as:

  • Staying out of vehicle blind spots
  • Avoiding drivers who appear distracted
  • Wearing safety gear
  • Staying visible as often as possible
  • Avoiding distractions while you are driving

A motorcycle accident can be a deadly and traumatic experience. No matter what you are driving, it is essential to be aware of those around you and the risks that come from distracted driving.