The important role of an investigation after an injury incident

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Any incident that led to an injury requires careful and thorough follow-up. An investigation is necessary to help determine what factors contributed to an injury that may stem from a motor vehicle collision, slip and fall incident or even an assault inside a parking ramp.

By understanding the events leading up to the incident, investigators will determine a cause and even assign fault to a particular party. If you sustain an injury, you soon will learn that an investigation will help you support your case should you take legal action.

Determining factors and responsibility

Did human error, environmental conditions and equipment breakdown play roles in the injury incident? An investigation may determine this. Remember that an accident investigation must be thorough. A quick once-over will not do.

These investigations are typically performed by law enforcement, insurance companies and independent investigators. Their findings can ultimately determine who was responsible for the incident.

Gather and review

Among the crucial steps in an accident or incident investigation include:

  • Gathering as much information as possible. This step includes going to the scene of the incident, taking photos, interviewing witnesses, inspecting the damaged vehicles, looking for evidence such as skid marks or whether traffic signs were obscured and reviewing video footage if it exists. You want the documentation.
  • Determining the cause. Different factors may contribute to an incident or crash. Was the other driver distracted or driving while impaired? Was the worker properly trained in using the equipment that led to the accident? Did the building owner have well-trained security and operating cameras that may have prevented a violent assault on the site?
  • Carefully reviewing the information obtained. This may help determine that more than a single factor played a role in the accident with injury. For example, a wet floor may have contributed to a slip and fall incident. However, were employees properly trained in matters such as situational awareness?

But remember, sometimes different investigators may have different findings. If your case then goes to court, a judge will ultimately decide what happened. In these situations, an experienced legal advocate will work with you at every step.

Supporting your case

An investigation remains an important aspect in any matter that has led to an injury. As a result of your injury, you may be unable to work and face exorbitant medical bills. The findings of an investigation will serve as support to your claim should you take legal action.


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