4 Boating Accident Tips

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Were you or a loved one injured in a boating accident? Check out these 4 boating accident tips, then give our Hamburg office a call.

1) Personal Injury on a Boat

4 Boating Accident Tips

With the weather finally breaking, people are out and about taking advantage of our great lakes, and having fun on their boats – or their friends’ boats. Unfortunately, people are sometimes injured in boating accidents. When that happens, they want to know, “Can I bring a claim? Who’s that claim against?” The answer is, “Yes, you can.” In the past, we’ve had clients who have been seriously injured on boats when a driver was intoxicated while operating that boat or someone was negligent in the way they operated their boat – perhaps because they were not adequately trained or skilled in operating that particular vessel. You do have a claim for negligence against the owner and/or the operator of a boat when you’re injured on it.

2) Watercraft Accident Injuries

In watercraft accidents, you can see a myriad of injuries. There are all sorts of issues with boats. Sometimes people get ejected from boats. They end up having concussions or serious head injuries. Some really terrible accidents are related with propellers and people getting entangled and things. We’ve seen situations where people are ejected from boats and hit other boats or hit other objects in the waterway. You can see a myriad of injuries, from simple fractures to unfortunate cases where people are killed.


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