Actions After A Truck Accident

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Were you seriously injured in a truck accident? Learn what actions after a truck accident you must take to start your claim off right. Free consultations.


What actions should I take after a truck accident?


The recommended steps after a commercial truck injury are really kind of two-fold. One is to make sure that your medical treatment is being paid for. We would like to make sure that you file your no-fault application promptly to make sure that you are getting your medical paid for, your lost wages, and things like that.The second part of that is doing the investigation. We make sure that we have the names of all witnesses that may have seen the accident. We get written and recorded statements from them. Memories fade over time. It’s not enough that you just got a name and number from somebody; that’s easy. You want to get that person’s recollection of the accident while it’s fresh in their mind. There’s nothing worse than talking to a witness two years after an accident versus a month after an accident, because the recollections are going to be totally different; people’s memories fade, so it’s important to get involved right away and get those people locked in.

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