3 Types of Slip and Fall Cases

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Have you been seriously injured from a slip and fall? Learn about these 3 types of slip and fall cases and contact our office for a free consultation.

3 Types of Slip and Fall Cases1. Faulty Step

We’ve handled quite a few claims involving defective staircases. In fact, we’ve had a couple faulty step slip and fall cases recently that almost mirrored each other. Several factors must be considered, including whether the stair treads are uniform. In other words, is each step the same height as the one before it? Sometimes, we see deviations where one step is nine inches high and the next only seven inches high. Other times, staircases are too narrow or the railings aren’t graspable. When I say graspable, I mean that you should be able to grab a hand railing and get a strong grip by putting your hand far enough around it to secure your hold. Many times, we see railings that are inadequate, and some of that causes clients to fall.

You’ve seen those railings that look like a 2×6 or 2×4 – and I know people think they look kind of cool – but people need something they can grab onto to prevent themselves from falling. Let’s face it, any number of things can happen on staircases. For instance, there could be slippery substances on the stairs that can cause people to fall. It’s important to make sure that, when someone is about to slip and fall, they can at least try to prevent their fall. If the railing isn’t sufficient, that’s not going to work.

Our Hamburg slip and fall attorneys consult with several experts to help us with those cases and, over the years, we’ve gained a wealth of expertise about what to look for with stairways. If we can’t get an expert out there right away, we go to the site ourselves to take pictures and measurements, check railing heights, look at the stair tread, and evaluate the widths and heights. We also make sure to note whether there’s a slip-resistant surface on the stairs. All of those factors come into play when determining whether or not someone was negligent or responsible for your injuries.

2. Residential Property

I’m often asked by clients, “What’s important to know if I’m injured?” or “What if I slip and fall on another person’s property?” First, be sure to gather any evidence you can, and do it sooner rather than later. Witnesses forget. Evidence is lost. The contributing condition may be repaired or replaced. Taking pictures, making sure that you get witness statements, and collecting evidence are all very important. Reach out to counsel sooner rather than later too, so that they can immediately begin their efforts toward gathering that all-important evidence for you. Especially in a slip and fall case, that evidence gathering can make or break your case.

3. Faulty Handrail

Sometimes injuries are caused on staircases by a faulty handrail. They’re not secured properly, the handrail’s too low, or it isn’t graspable. You’ve probably seen these stairways where they have 2x4s or 2x6s as handrails. Well, that’s not good enough. The law requires that you’re able to grasp onto the railing, in case you do stumble, and that it prevents you from falling.Railings serve a purpose. Railings make sure that if people do happen to stumble on stairs – because people do –handrails are there to make sure that they don’t fall. You have to make sure that that handrail is properly secured, that it’s the right height, and that it’s proper as far as being able to grasp onto.

It’s very important, in these types of cases, to get photographs, measurements, things of that nature. We have code enforcement experts that we use on a regular basis, that get out and get the proper measurements, and then we can look at building codes and property maintenance codes to determine whether or not the owner of the property was in compliance. If they weren’t in compliance, you have a pretty strong case.

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