Damages Recovered in Auto Accident Claims

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What Type of Damages Can Be Recovered in Auto Accident Claims?

In the following educational legal video, experienced Hamburg injury lawyer Daniel J. Chiacchia discusses damages recovered in auto accident claims.

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People always want to know, ”Okay, what can I recover in a lawsuit? What kind of damages can I recover?” You can get coverage for both past and future medical expenses. You can also be reimbursed for lost wages and lost benefits. When we talk about lost wages, we’re talking about both past and future wages. Some people are rendered unable to work. If you have a construction-related job in which you’re making $80,000 a year and, because of your injuries, you can’t work anymore, there’s a large future lost wage component to consider. Also involved with lost wages and benefits are lost pension benefits, lost Social Security benefits, and lost 401(k) benefits. We try to analyze all of those things by hiring accountants and economic experts to put those numbers together and maximize your recovery. That’s one part of it.

Then, of course, we have pain and suffering damages which include your emotional suffering, the actual physical pain you’ve suffered as a result of your injuries, the surgeries you had, and things of that nature. That, too, will involve past pain and suffering as well as future pain and suffering. When we go in front of a jury, we ask, “What are you going to give Mr. Smith for his past pain and suffering? What are you going to give him for his future pain and suffering?” Also, sometimes, in cases involving more severely injured patients, we may have a loss of services or consortium claim on behalf of a spouse. Those are added damages that we ask a jury to award to that spouse.

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