Medical Attention After Car Accidents in New York

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What To Tell Your Doctor After Getting Hurt In A Car Accident

Check out the following educational legal video by Tiffany M. Kopacz, an experienced Hamburg injury lawyer about what’s important to know about receiving medical attention after car accidents in New York.

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The majority of our cases that involve personal injuries require that medical records be recovered and used in the case. For that reason, our clients often wonder if they should tell their doctors about their accidents. Your doctors need to know if you have been injured and how. If you go to the doctor and you have a complaint that your ankle hurts, but you neglect to mention that you tripped over a dangerous condition on a property and fell, your case will be weakened. This will also make it more difficult for the doctor to make sure that payments are processed to the appropriate insurance company. By refusing to discuss the source of your injury with your doctor, you will find it more challenging when you are making a claim to demonstrate that the accident caused that injury.

It is crucial that you be honest with your doctors, that you be complete and accurate in telling them exactly what happened, that you be consistent, and that you tell all of your doctors the cause of your injuries and your symptoms. You need to know that what you tell your doctor is likely going to be recorded. When we pull those records at a later date, they will be used in the claim for personal injuries.

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