Paying for Construction Accident Medical Bills

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Construction Accident Medical Bills

Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places to work at. From the time the project starts until the day it is finished, construction workers are always at risk of injury. Construction accidents, either caused by falling objects or machinery malfunctions, can happen at any moment. After a job site injury, you may be concerned about paying for construction accident medical bills. Luckily, our Buffalo personal injury attorneys have got you covered.

Paying for Construction Accident Medical Bills | Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance policies are set up so that, no matter who is at fault, the workers’ compensation insurance policy covers the medical expenses of the injured party. In the event that you sustained an injury on the job and aren’t sure who will pay your construction accident medical bills, rest assured that workers’ compensation pays everything. It’s even different than if you have health insurance.

If you go to a doctor, you will be asked for your Workmen’s Compensation Board number, or WCB number. Once your medical provider verifies this information, you will not be responsible for co-pays, and you proceed until someone challenges it. You get all your medical treatment covered, even surgeries.

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Can I Sue My Employer in Order to Pay My Construction Accident Medical Bills?

The overwhelming majority of the time, you may not sue your employer on the grounds of negligence. You are restricted to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes this inability to sue can prove to be a major hindrance; in one of our current cases, a client has been forced to replace one of his eyes due to a workplace injury, and he is unable to sue his employer for a situation that is truly the employer’s responsibility. Unfortunately, he will only be able to file a workers’ compensation claim.

If a third party is at fault for your injury, however, you do have the ability to make a claim against the third party. Workers’ compensation exists to protect employees, allowing them to forego the burdensome responsibility of proving negligence in order to gain some recovery for their injuries.

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