Choosing a Buffalo Truck Accident Attorney

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Choosing a Buffalo Truck Accident Attorney

A qualified truck accident lawyer will work hard to help victims defend their rights and fight for immediate compensation to pay for medical bills and lost wages. When you hire a lawyer, your lawyer will investigate your accident, determine fault, and file claims with insurance companies on your behalf. If you are in the process of choosing a Buffalo truck accident attorney, look no further than the experienced personal injury lawyers at Chiacchia & Fleming LLP.

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Choosing a Buffalo Truck Accident Attorney | How We Can Help

At Chiacchia & Fleming, our process starts with a thorough investigation of your accident. This helps us prove negligence and strengthen your case. Our investigation process includes:

  • Reconstructing the accident scene with industry experts
  • Finding and collecting black box information
  • Meeting with investigators and first responders to gather information about the accident
  • Investigating a trucking company’s safety records
  • Determining if motor safety regulation were violated
  • Determining fault in the case

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Have you or a loved one been injured in a truck accident? The attorneys at Chiacchia & Fleming are here to protect your rights and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact an experienced Buffalo truck accident lawyer who understands what you’re going through. After an accident, you should be concerned with getting better – not fighting with trucking companies and insurance adjusters. That’s our job. Our team will help you manage legal process and fight for the maximum compensation for you and your family. Call today for a free case evaluation.