Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits

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Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits

Your disability benefits might last for years and provide you with much more income than you’d have if you don’t get these benefits. The sooner you hire a skilled attorney to assist you, the better your chances of prevailing. Here are a few important tips for handling your ERISA employee benefits.

Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits | Great Representation Costs Money

You should be suspicious if an attorney tells you that his or her entire effort will be spending an hour or two writing an appeal letter for you. Usually, that would prove to be a waste of your money; in most cases such an appeal will simply be denied. Plan administrators are not intimidated by a single, simple letter from an attorney. We recommend that you hire an attorney who will prepare a “great” appeal for you.

Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits | Prepare a Great Claim and Appeal

What is a great appeal? An employee benefits claims attorney should organize, review, and summarize all of your relevant medical records. We make sure that your doctors are communicating the nature and extent of your disability. For appeals, we study the plan administrator’s reasons for turning you down. We compare your Plan’s definition of disability to this information to make sure that your case is proven. If something is missing, we do everything we can to fill the gaps. We often work with your medical professionals and explain to them how to write letters explaining their diagnosis and their conclusions in a manner which the plan administrator will understand and appreciate. Sometimes, we interview people who know you and who can aid us in telling the story of your life so that the administrator can see you as a valuable human being – not just a number. Then we typically draft an extensive claim or appeal letter incorporating all this information.

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Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits | Get All Your Medical Records

Getting your medical records is often a difficult and time-consuming task. As soon as you have any idea that you might be seeking ERISA employee benefits, whether disability or health benefits, you should begin locating and gathering your records; otherwise, you may find that you will run out of time to get this in for your claim or appeal. That is especially important if there are holes in your records such that we would want you to go back to your doctor or to see a different type of medical specialist to prove up a missing element of your claim.

Tips for Handling Your ERISA Employee Benefits | Contact Our Office

We have come to understand that people filing disability and medical benefits claims are often at a difficult crossroads in their lives. You might be facing the permanent lowering of your standard of living. You might be dealing with the end of a career that you loved, or coming to grips with major, chronic, and life-altering health problems. You might be seriously depressed. These are, unfortunately, not unique or even rare circumstances. You should never be embarrassed that you might need help or that you are have to deal with powerful emotions. So, get the help you need, including qualified, passionate, and sensitive legal counsel.