New York State Scaffold Law

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New York State Scaffold Law

The New York State Scaffold Law serves an important purpose in protecting the rights of construction workers. If you have been injured on a job site and would like to learn more about workers’ compensation, please contact our experienced Hamburg construction accident attorneys today to schedule a free consultation.

New York State Scaffold Law | Information

Insurance companies always want to change the New York
scaffold law, but this law serves an important purpose: it puts a non-delegable
duty onto general contractors and owners of property when they are doing
construction work to make sure that there are proper safety devices in place
when people are working from certain heights.

Often when injuries happen because of an elevated-related
work hazard, the injuries are severe and permanent. The state is putting the
onus on the people who are in the best position to make sure that these safety
standards and safety procedures are followed. The New York scaffold law in
general says that the owner of a property or a general contractor has the
non-delegable duty of ensuring that standards are met, and procedures are
obeyed. An owner or a contractor cannot pass that responsibility to somebody
else; he or she must verify that there are proper safety devices in place to
prevent injuries from an elevated-related work height.

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New York State Scaffold Law | Staying Safe at a Job Site

As a construction worker, your obligation is simply to use the safety devices that are available to you. Sometimes when you do not do this and you are injured, it can be a hindrance in bringing a third-party claim. This will not necessarily eliminate such a claim, but your failure to use those safety devices can impede us from bringing a successful claim. Employers are the ones who are ultimately responsible for providing the proper safety devices. If you are not provided the proper safety devices, you will have a claim. If you want any more information about the New York State Scaffold Law, or if you are seeking compensation for an injury sustained on a job site, please contact our experienced Hamburg construction accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.