Dram Shop Liability

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Dram Shop Liability

People often wonder if bars or establishments where alcoholic beverages are sold can be held liable for a drunk driving accident. These types of cases are often very complex and, if you are bringing forward a dram shop liability claim, you will need an experienced attorney on your side. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.

Dram Shop Liability | Insurance Coverage

If the establishment carries dram shop coverage, that may offer another avenue that we can pursue in our efforts to obtain complete compensation for your injuries. However, the standards for proof in those cases are very difficult to meet. You need to show that the person was being served alcohol even when the establishment knew they were intoxicated. Other dram shop cases, such as those when they’re serving an underage person, are “easier.” If a 20-year-old is in a bar and gets drunk, that case is much easier to prove because it’s clear that an underage drinker shouldn’t have been drinking in a bar. Download Our FREE Car Accident Guide

Dram Shop Liability | Hire an Experienced Attorney

We also find that dram shop coverage is not something every bar carries because it is quite expensive. We want to get involved early and do our best to figure out where that person was doing their drinking. Many times, the person who caused the injury has a criminal case going. Sometimes the criminal defense lawyer is willing to cooperate with you as a plaintiff’s attorney because being forthcoming in helping the injured person get compensation for their injuries might help his client at the end of his case when it comes to standing trial in front of a judge. If you were injured in a car accident by a drunk driver and you want to know more about dram shop liability, please contact our experienced Buffalo car accident attorneys today. Let our dedication work for you.