Boating Accidents on Commercial Vessels

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Boating accidents on commercial vessels occur every year and can be a frightful and painful experience. Following an accident, a Hamburg boat accident lawyer can help you recover compensation for your injuries and manage the legal process.

Boating Accidents on Commercial Vessels | Causes

There are inherent risks in boating, and that’s why boat operators must adhere to numerous safety regulations. Unfortunately, these regulations don’t protect against reckless or careless behavior, operator inexperience, or mechanical malfunctions – some of the most common causes of boating accidents. Operator negligence is often the cause of many boating accidents, which might include:

  • Collisions with boats, water skiers, watercraft
  • Collision with fixed objects, e.g. decks, dams, buoys
  • Flooding/swamping or mechanical malfunction
  • Grounding
  • Falls overboard, slips/falls onboard

Regardless of the cause of an accident, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights and fight for compensation if you’ve sustained injuries.

Boating Accidents on Commercial Vessels | Compensation

No matter what types of injuries you have sustained, you are entitled to compensation for out-of-pocket expenses and emotional, financial and physical distress. An experienced Hamburg boat accident lawyer can help you by fighting for full compensation for your injuries. There are many types of compensation available for victims that help to offset the costs of injuries and recovery. Compensatory damages cover all out-of-pocket expenses, as well as costs related to physical, financial and emotional suffering. In cases of gross negligence or malice, victims may be entitled to punitive damages. This type of compensation is a financial punishment for the operator’s negligence, and it is awarded by the jury if your case goes to trial. Your attorney can help you determine if punitive damages are appropriate in your case. If you’ve been injured in a boating accident, don’t hesitate to call Chiacchia & Fleming today. We provide 100% free, no-obligation case evaluations for victims and their families. Talk with an experienced Hamburg boat accident lawyer today about your case, learn what next steps to take, and how we can help you. Like us on Facebook


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