Car Accident Insurance Issues

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Car accident insurance issues may present difficulties following a crash. These issues could be a number of different things—you might have trouble with your own insurance, you might have difficulty navigating the other driver’s insurance, or you may feel pressured to accept a settlement offer. Whatever car accident insurance issues you may have, our Buffalo personal injury lawyers are here to provide expert guidance and legal representation. Arrange a free consultation today.

Car Accident Insurance Issues | Accepting Settlement Offers

Insurance companies are usually the first to offer you a settlement for your accident, which means their offer is usually a low one. When an insurance company offers you a settlement, it’s important you review it to make sure all of your injuries and expenses for your injuries have been confirmed. If something is missing from the offer, or they are not giving you enough to treat your injuries, call us. Often times, cases are worth more than what an insurance company is agreeing to pay you, so you should avoid accepting an offer that doesn’t give you the full support you deserve. We will fight on your behalf to get you the most we can for your physical and psychological injuries. You should never have to pay for damages done to you due to the negligence of another person. Download Our FREE Car Accident Guide

Car Accident Insurance Issues | Paying for Medical Bills

When you’re seriously injured in an auto accident, people automatically worry about their medical expenses. Especially in this day in age where many people have high deductibles, private insurance plans, or you might have to pay three or four thousand dollars out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in. The good thing with car accident cases is that whatever vehicle you are in, whether it’s your vehicle or someone else’s, the no-fault coverage on that car insurance policy will pay for your medical expenses, so that’s a wonderful thing. There are no deductibles involved and even if they don’t cover all of the expenses, the medical provider cannot go after you for the difference; they’re locked into that rate that’s set by the insurance carriers as to what can be paid. That’s the benefit of the no-fault coverage. The negative side of no-fault coverage is that sometimes they send you for what’s called independent medical examinations to try to stop your medical payments. We get involved in that situation. We send representatives with clients to those examinations to make sure that those benefits are continued. If you are experiencing car accident insurance issues, please call our Buffalo personal injury attorneys today for a free consultation.