First Steps After Car Accidents

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Were you hurt in a crash? You may be at a loss for what to do next. Here are the first steps after car accidents that we recommend everyone follow if they have been in a collision.

First Steps After Car Accidents | Investigation

Many times, people that have been seriously injured in car accidents call us and want to know what the next step is. The next step is to get an investigation done and get your no-fault application done. Many times, when people are involved in accidents, police officers are on the scene. They don’t necessarily get all the witnesses names, so we want to go out to the scene, canvas the area, see if we can find witnesses. We talk to the witnesses that are on the accident report and maybe get some recorded statements, photographs of the area – skid marks, things of that nature – and maybe even get an accident investigation company involved right away to maybe do some cause-and-effect types of things.

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First Steps After Car Accidents | Videos

Of course, the big thing that’s prevalent now is video, whether it be from cameras that are installed by government agencies or businesses. We’ve had many cases where business cameras catch an accident and it’s very helpful down the road.

First Steps After Car Accidents | Covering Damages

The other thing, too, beyond the investigation, is that with a car accident case, your no-fault coverage on the vehicle you were in, whether you were driving the vehicle or you were just a passenger, whatever coverage is on that vehicle, insurance will help pay for your medical expenses and lost wages and some of your travel expenses for medical appointments. To get those benefits, you have to submit an application within 30 days. We help you do that. We go through the process with you and make sure it gets to the insurance carrier. Those are the first steps we want to get going with.

If you need help with the first steps after car accidents, our Hamburg car accident attorneys would be more than glad put your mind at ease so you can focus on healing. Please call our office today for a free case evaluation.


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