Dog Bite Compensation

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If you are seriously injured after being attack, you may be wondering how to get dog bite compensation. There are a few things that you should consider before calling our injury lawyers.

Dog Bite Compensation | Medical Bills

One of the questions I very frequently hear from injured people who are considering bringing a lawsuit concerns whether or not doing so requires that they incur a minimum amount of bills for their medical treatment. The answer to that, very simply, is no. When you are injured in a dog attack, your medical treatment becomes very relevant to a potential lawsuit, particularly with regard to the damages for which you might be making a claim. They will be included in a potential lawsuit as part of those damages.

However, outside of some very limited circumstances – such as, for instance, in the case of a motor vehicle accident where you have an extraordinary amount of medical bills, out-of-pocket costs, or lost wages that exceed a certain minimum – those bills are just damages that you would include in your personal injury case. That total may be relevant to how much your case is worth, but it certainly does not prohibit you from contemplating a lawsuit to advance your claim simply because your medical bills haven’t yet reached a certain number.

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Dog Bite Compensation | Liable Party

From time to time, I meet with parents whose children have been attacked or bitten by a dog. The most important thing to remember about a dog bite case is that the dog’s owner is primarily responsible for making sure their animal is restrained properly and doesn’t pose a risk to anybody else. Even so, in certain circumstances, other people may be responsible. For instance, if an owner goes on vacation or asks somebody else to watch their dog for a moment, that person also has the responsibility to make sure the dog is properly restrained and doesn’t pose a risk to anybody.

Whenever a dog bite or other type of dog attack occurs, it’s really important for people to get as much information about the dog as they can, including who might be responsible for it – whether that is someone who was watching the dog at the time or the owner. Also, it’s important to get as much information as possible from the dog warden. The local municipal dog warden will have information – or access to information – as to whether the dog is properly vaccinated or poses any other sort of health risk.

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