Time Limits to File a Case

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Are you worried about the time limits to file a case for personal injury? There is a time limit before which people can bring their cases or file their claims, but the length of this period varies due to all the factors in play. How was the claimant injured? Where was the claimant injured? Who injured the claimant? The length of time to initiate an action will differ according to the answers to those questions. That is why it is important to seek counsel immediately after an accident or injury. This way, an accident attorney can preserve a claim and make sure to file it before the time limit is reached. If a personal injury claim is not filed before the relevant statute expires, the claimant will be out of luck.

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Time Limits to File a Case | Waiting Too Long

Waiting too long before filing can be problematic, especially if a case involves a government agency or entity, because of certain time limitations that govern the filing of Notices of Claim. The deadline for Notices of Claim deadline is typically 90 days, but in rare instances, the deadline can be reduced to a mere 30 days. This means that the time in which one can file a lawsuit is only a year and 90 days—much shorter than most traditional personal injury cases, which allow three years from the date of the occurrence. Medical malpractice claims are different in that dental and medical claims allow two and a half years.

Time Limits to File a Case | Litigation

When it comes to medical and dental claims, determining the length of their statute of limitations period can be an exercise in extensive litigation all by itself. Because time limits can be variable, a claimant should consult with a lawyer right away. An experienced accident attorney in Buffalo should make the decision about the filing process because waiting too long can become a huge disservice to a claimant.

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