Financial Trouble After an Injury

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Are you facing mounting medical bills after an accident? You may be struggling with financial trouble after an injury. You do not have to take a low ball offer from an insurance company, you can fight for fair compensation.

Financial Trouble After an Injury | Unpaid Medical Bills Being Sent to Collections

One conversation I often have with friends, family, and clients relates to unpaid medical bills and the adverse credit impact they may have. In any situation where an accident has occurred, and one person is contemplating a lawsuit against another, the worst thing you could possibly do is just let your medical bills accumulate. If you are represented by at attorney, you should give them your medical bills right away. It’s not uncommon for an attorney to reach out to medical providers, let them know a potential claim is under consideration, and learn that they are very happy to stay any collection proceedings until they know you’ve reached some resolution. That will save your credit.

Even if your lawsuit is not yet filed, it is still possible to get those creditors to hold off on further adverse collection action simply because they know of a potential claim, so your attorney can reach out and keep them informed. If you’re not yet represented by an attorney, you should contact your medical providers directly – via their billing department – and explain that you’re not just letting the bills sit there. That way, they can delay sending them to collection and giving you an adverse credit history.

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Financial Trouble After an Injury | Desperate to Take a Settlement Offer

Many times, clients get a little too anxious when it comes to offers received on their cases – some of them very early on – and, although we have an obligation to present every offer to our clients, we always tell them, “Listen to me. It’s too early. You never take a first offer. We don’t know where your medical treatment is going to go – you’re still treating.” We never do that. We know that first offer is never the last offer. No one gives their bottom line number first.

People have to understand that settlement discussions involve a long, negotiation process, and that first offer is usually made early. Even in cases where there’s no settlement discussion until you’re deep into the litigation, the first offer is never more than a starting point – just as our settlement demand is a starting point. Many times, there’s no offer until we issue a settlement demand. Once they respond to our settlement demand, we get into the negotiating process, talking about the pros of our case and the cons of theirs in our effort to get our client the maximum recovery.

If you are facing financial trouble after an injury, please do not hesitate to call our Hamburg personal injury attorneys today. We are here to take care of the legality of the situation while you focus on healing. Call today for a free confidential case evaluation.


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