Statute of Limitations

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Statute of Limitations Hamburg Personal Injury Lawyers Attorneys

If you have been injured and you want to open a case, you should know about the statute of limitations.

Statute of Limitations | Time Period

From time to time, people call us late in the game and say, “I didn’t really contact a lawyer. I didn’t know what to do. Six months has gone by. Is it too late to file a lawsuit?” Sometimes, waiting too long can be problematic – especially if your case involves a government agency or entity that you want to sue – because of certain time limitations that govern the filing of Notices of Claims. In some rare instances, that Notice of Claim deadline is 30 days, but most of them are 90 days. That means the time in which you can file a lawsuit is only a year and 90 days – much shorter than most traditional personal injury cases which allow three years from the date of the occurrence. Medical malpractice claims are a little bit different in that dental and medical claims allow two and a half years.

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Statute of Limitations | Medical Claims

When it comes to medical/dental claims, finding out when their statute of limitations period starts, and ends can be an exercise in extensive litigation all by itself. The bottom line is that, because those varying time limits do exist, you really should consult with a lawyer right away. That way, they can protect your interests. There’s nothing I hate worse – and I had this happen recently – than to have somebody call me about something that happened four years ago, and have to say, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you.” Let the lawyer make the decision about what should happen and when it should happen because, if you wait too long, you may do yourself a huge disservice.

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