Injured While Driving a Work Vehicle

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If you have been injured while driving a work vehicle, you may be feeling very angry. You may be considering worker’s compensation, but may be wondering if that is all you can do? There is a possibility that you can file a personal injury claim. Here is what you need to know.

Injured While Driving a Work Vehicle Hamburg Injury Lawyers

People sometimes think that if they’re injured in an accident while in a work vehicle or in the process of traveling in a work-related capacity, they’re bound by what’s called workers’ compensation; however, that’s not always true. Let me provide a little clarification as to what workers’ compensation is. If you’re injured during the course of your employment, your employer is required to maintain what’s called workers’ compensation insurance which pays a portion of your lost wages and covers your medical expenses.

If your injuries were caused by somebody outside your employment, however, that may not be the whole story. For example, if you’re driving a delivery truck when someone runs a red light and hits you, and you’re injured, guess what? You can have a lawsuit against that other driver, and that is entirely separate from workers’ compensation. There is an important interplay involved there. Just because you’re injured at work doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bound by workers’ compensation.

That same premise can apply in cases other than auto accident claims. A few years ago, we had a claim brought by a delivery person who slipped and fell in the entranceway of a business to which they were making a delivery, and we were able to get a very sizable recovery for that person. Remember – just because you’re injured at work, don’t presume that you’re bound by or limited to the benefits offered by workers’ compensation.

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