Ableism Discrimination at Work

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Ableism Discrimination at Work Experienced Hamburg Lawyers

No one should have to feel unsafe while at work. If this discomfort stems from you being treated differently because of a disability, (these disabilities can include a number of things) that can leave you feelingcompletely helpless. Ableism discrimination at work is unacceptable and New York state protects you in these situations where you feel like you are being discriminated against. You should not have to endure an environment that makes you feel different and disliked for something that you have no control over.

Two basic types of claims fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The first relates to a person who is being treated differently because of a partial disability, just as if that person faced different treatment due to her or his sex or religion. The other type addresses an employer’s failure to provide what the courts call reasonable accommodations for that person’s partial disability. Claims of disability involving only partial disability are often quite difficult to prove because the employee had already been hired. However, an employer has a duty to provide reasonable accommodations for people who are otherwise able to perform the essential functions of their jobs.

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With some exceptions, the law in New York State is on your side if you wish to take legal action against the ableism discrimination that you have experienced in your workplace. Your ability to financially provide for yourself and for your family is directly impacted when your very presence at work generates undue emotional stress.

If you feel that you are experiencing a hostile environment due to ableism discrimination at work, you should seek the caring guidance of an attorney to safeguard you through the legal process.

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