Slip and Fall Cases on Stairs

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“Slip and fall” is a simple yet perfectly descriptive term for a type of personal injury case in which an individual slipped or tripped on a hazard and fell to the ground. Just as improperly maintained, flat surfaces can be the culprits in slip and fall cases, so can irregular surfaces such as stairs. However, slip and fall claims for injuries sustained on stairwells and stoops are not always automatically legitimate. In determining the viability of slip and fall cases on stairs, these are the factors that we take into consideration.

Slip and Fall Cases on Stairs

Several factors must be considered, including whether the stair treads are uniform. In other words, is each step the same height as the one before it? There are sometimes deviations in height by as much as two inches between consecutive steps. Other times, staircases are too narrow, or the railings are not graspable, that is, able to be held securely by someone using the stairs. Inadequate railings have caused some of our clients to fall.

Any number of things can happen on staircases. For instance, there could be slippery substances on the stairs that can cause people to fall. It is important to make sure that, when someone is about to slip and fall, he or she can at least try to prevent the fall. If the railing is not sufficient, that will not be possible.

Our injury attorneys consult with several experts to help us with those cases and, over the years, we have gained a wealth of expertise about what to look for with stairways. If we cannot get an expert to assess the stairs in person right away, we go to the site ourselves to take pictures and measurements, check railing heights, look at the stair tread, and evaluate the widths and heights. We also make sure to note whether there is a slip-resistant surface on the stairs. All of those factors come into play when determining whether or not someone was negligent or responsible for our clients’ injuries.

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